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If you manage an educational institution such as an academy or a nursery, you’ll know how much energy you’ll be consuming on a daily basis. From lighting and heating in order to create a comfortable learning environment to running equipment like computers and AV devices which are now essential to offering cutting-edge education, energy needs can be considerable. As a result, of course you don’t want to be paying over the odds for your energy

However, most enterprises in the education sector are unaware that many energy contracts include hidden costs. To help academies and nurseries, we offer a revolutionary way to access business energy contracts, along with a risk-free way of making substantial savings.

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Our energy subscription service for businesses enables you to pay a fixed fee each month and, in return, we will find you the best deal available on your energy bills. For dependable energy, smaller bills and premier levels of peace of mind, reach out us here at Simple Energy Club today and explore the packages we offer.

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