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Leisure Facilities

From spas to gyms, businesses in the leisure industry can often use considerable energy. Lighting, heating and air conditioning create the right environment of relaxing and working out but cost money to run, as do the latest equipment options like electric-heated hot tubs, cross trainers and spinning bikes. As a result, those balancing the books at leisure facilities must find the best deal on offer.

Most enterprises in the leisure industry, however, don’t realise that their energy contract includes hidden costs. We help spas and gyms by offering a new way to access energy contracts and a risk-free method of making savings on utility bills.

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Our energy subscription service for enterprises allows you to simply pay a fixed monthly fee and in return we will source the best energy deal around for your firm. When you need dependable energy, lower bills, and total peace of mind, get in touch with us today at Simple Energy Club and explore the solutions we supply.

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